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Able Systems Pipsta Thermal Printer for Raspberry Pi

RS noliktavas numurs 879-4687
Ražotājs Able Systems
Ražotāja kods PipstaKIT1

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Vairs netiek ražots

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Able Systems Pipsta Thermal Printer for Raspberry Pi

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Pipsta USB & NFC Thermal Mini-Printer for Raspberry Pi

The Pipsta USB & NFC thermal mini-printer from Able Systems is an Internet of Things device that connects to a Raspberry Pi computer board for printing. Using the Pipsta you can print various things from Scratch or Python including (but not limited to), labels, QR codes, bills, coupons and photos. The Pipsta is for use with Raspberry Pi B+, A+, 2 B and 3 B.

How does thermal printing work?
Thermal printing works by heating the thermal paper as it passes over the print head, which in turn, produces black and white text/imagery. It also means that the printing process is quick, quiet and inkless. No noise, no mess, no time wasting.

What other benefits are there to the Pipsta?
•Excellent printing quality
•Easy assembly (with step by step instructions)
•2 printer roll options
•Tickets and labels can be as long as required
•USB interface
•NFC interface
•Mains power adapter for faster printing

•Transparent, acrylic housing with fixings
•Sturdy self-adhesive feet
•Universal mains power adaptor (7.5 Vdc)
•USB port
•USB A to mini B lead
•2 printer rolls (1x paper roll and 1x label roll with adhesive backing)

To get started, you also need an anti-static wrist strap and a small cross-head screwdriver.

Time to get printing...


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