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Alarms, sensors, entryway systems and access controls form the backbone of everyday security protocols for safety-conscious homes and businesses. From commercial premises to industrial facilities, domestic security to personal safeguards, we stock a wide range of tools and accessories to help keep you and your property protected.

All our alarm systems can be hooked up to work with a variety of alarm sounders and strobes, depending on the needs of the individual and their environment creating an ideal home security system.

Our range security Alarms & Sensors includes a wide selection of upgradeable and replaceable parts for your home or business security systems, including:

  • PIR ( Passive infrared sensor) sensors (ideal for use as part of a wider CCTV and surveillance setup)
  • Access control door magnets and door strikes
    Door release entry/exit buttons
  • Alarm pull cords
  • Alarm door and window switches
  • Water/flood alarms
  • Property markers, UV scanners and counterfeit detectors